Our products are tailored for everyday care and wellness to drive your utmost confidence & quality of life

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Our products are tailored for everyday care and wellness to drive your utmost confidence & quality of life

Girly Problems?

Vaginal infections and intimate discomforts (pH, odor, itching) negatively influence the quality of life of millions of women around the world. For some women, frequent vaginal infections can have serious medical consequences. Around 50 million women across the US faced feminine health issues this year alone.

The Story …

Conventional treatment for vaginal infections is often not very effective and there’s a growing concern over increasing antibiotic resistance and side effects of conventional drugs. This has spurred an interest in alternative and sustainable solutions to address feminine intimate health.

Our Amazing Scientifically proven Vaginal Microbiome!

VagiBiom® is a brand focused on a healthy vaginal microbiome to improve the well being and quality of life for women. We are committed to cutting edge research to develop and commercialize microbiome balancing natural products for women’s intimate health and longevity.

Redefining Feminine Health.

VagiBiom® line is designed to balance and nurture the vaginal microbiome using our patented Biomsify® technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Protective Lactobacillus rich environment arrests the growth of vaginal and Candida. These infections can cause significant quality of life for millions of women. Optimal Lactobacillus-rich vaginal microbiome inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes bad infections has been shown to limit the growth of ‘bad bugs’ that causes chronic infections

A balanced vaginal microbiome leads to relief from many symptoms including dryness, odor, and itching.

A healthy vaginal microbiome maintains a healthy reproductive tract environment has been shown to support successful reproductive outcome and healthy Pregnancy.

A healthy vaginal microbiome works synergistically with the female hormone system for proper feminine health. An imbalanced vaginal flora can also cause an imbalanced hormonal system.