Natural Anti-Aging Regen Pack


  • BrightSkin Glutathione Vitamin C+ GenoWhite Suppository (30)
  • REvitify Probiotic Hair Growth Serum (1 T)
  • BIOM Longiva Sublingual Powder PURE NMN

    • YOUTHFUL-LOOKING SKIN: Looking young and healthy starts with beautiful skin and hair. Glutathione levels naturally decline with age. A popular ingredient in beauty products, glutathione causes the body to produce a different type of melanin, which has a brightening effect on the skin.

      HEALTHY FULL HAIR: REvitify Probiotic Hair Growth revitalizes hair follicles for stronger & thicker hair by four mechanisms of action. One of those is by blocking the production of dihydrotestosterone or DHT, a catalyst in hair loss.

      REBOOT and REGENERATE! NAD+ is a form of vitamin B used to power metabolism, construct new cellular components, mitochondrial regeneration, and resist free radicals, and DNA damage. Research suggests NAD+ is key to increasing the amount of time we spend in good health. As we age, levels of NAD+ decline leading to a greater risk for neuromuscular degeneration and decreased cardio-metabolic health. Boosting cellular NAD+ can reverse the deleterious effects of NAD+ depletion. Increasing NAD+ levels helps with mitochondrial regeneration, cellular repair, better muscle functioning, better brain functions, and proper sleep patterns.