Menopause Relief Suppositories

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Suppositories are a powerful way to deliver natural ingredients to superior relief for hot flashes, anxiety, irritability, night sweats, mood swings, reduced energy, weight gain, stress, irritability, joint aches, and sleeplessness.

  • RESTORE HORMONAL BALANCE: VagiBiom® is an estrogen-free preservative-free formula that helps balance the natural rhythm of the feminine hormone system to address the base cause of menopause issues.

  • SYNERGISTIC FORMULA & SUPERIOR DELIVERY: Organic Black Cohosh and Isoflavones are delivered in a nano-delivery for superior bio-absorption. Can be used synergically with HRT for relieving symptoms of menopause and perimenopause.

  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: 100% plant ingredients, VagiBiom® Menopause Relief suppositories are drug-free (both estrogen and hormone-free), non-GMO, PEG-Free, and Gluten-free. 100% Vegan

  • TESTED & 100 MADE IN THE USA: No adverse side effects were reported in three trials on perimenopausal & menopausal women


Organic coconut fatty acids, Organic olive oil, Isoflavones (200mg), Organic black cohosh(50mg), Silica gel

How to Use

Gently insert the suppository deep into your vagina. If subjected to warm temperatures greater than 75° F, refrigerate or run cold water over an unopened plastic shell for at least 3-4 minutes prior to use. Wear a pantiliner if there is minor leakage.

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