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Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is associated with a loss“protective” Lactobacillus species (L. crispatusL. jensenii). Biom Probiotics supports a balanced vaginal microbiome that prevents the growth of pathogenic BV causing biofilm of Gardernella and Prevotella

Protective Lactobacillus rich environment arrests the growth of yeast and Candida.  These infections can cause significant quality of life for millions of women

Prevents low- grade chronic inflammation in vaginal tissues that cause chronic disease conditions 

Optimal Lactobacillus-rich vaginal microbiome inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and HPV like viral infections.

Lactobacillus-rich vaginal microbiome prevents the growth of bacteria that causes sexually transmitted d infections (STI) and HPV like viral infection

A healthy vaginal microbiome maintains a healthy reproductive tract environment that helps to support successful fertility embryo implantation and maintains a healthy pregnancy

A healthy vaginal microbiome works synergistically with the female hormone system for proper feminine health. An imbalanced vaginal flora can also cause an imbalanced hormonal system.

VagiBiom® Probiotic Suppository

Just like the gut, your vagina consists of microorganisms — mostly bacteria, plus some fungi and viruses, together called vaginal microbiome. A healthy vaginal microbiome is characterized by mostly “good” bacteria of the lactobacilli type and fewer “harmful” micro-organisms.

VagiBiom® Boric Acid Probiotic Suppository

Yeast Control formula employ our patented Biomsify Vaginal Health Balancing Formula. The suppository is packed in a patented double core stacking technology with Boric acid to release rapidly to control the yeast infection. Then Probiotics + Prebiotics and Lactic acid are slowly released to nourish healthy flora within the vagina to ward-off odor causing yeast infections.