Intimacy & Maintenance Care

Vaginal + Urinary Support Probiotic Suppositories


  • Natural - Vegan
  • ULTRA POTENT VFLORA SUPPOSITORY FOR DUAL ACTION: Biom use patented Lactobacillus flora with lactoferrin and mannose to nourish healthy vaginal flora to balance pH, maintain vaginal odor, to help you feel clean, fresh and confident! Dual action formula supports against vaginal and urinary off odors and bad bugs!
  • BALANCES & RESTORE: Healthy microflora help maintain vaginal and urinary tract health, and protect against skin irritations and discharge. An imbalanced vaginal flora can lead to a conducive tissue environment for urogenital issues. Biom’s natural synergistic combination of feminine probiotics, lactoferrin, prebiotics, and lactic acid restores the balance of microflora, helpful for urogenital and vaginal issues and to balance beneficial Lactobacillus flora.
  • RAPID RELIEF: Rapid relief for redness, vaginal itching, burning and general discomfort. Ideal for irritations, feminine odor and vaginal discharge. Hyaluronic acid in the product rejuvenate and moisturize vaginal, urogenital and vulvar tissue. The natural ingredients reduce burning and redness. Better results than tea tree suppositories for feminine odor!
  • PATENTED ADVANCED FORMULA: Biomsify technology (US Patent# 10,119,116B2, US Patent#10,138,460B2) uses combination of probiotics (Lactobacillus crispatus Bi16 Lactobacillus gasseri Bi19, lactoferrin, mannose, prebiotics, and lactic acid in a special fermentation for high tissue adherence and superior probiotic characteristics such as to fight bad bugs and restore vaginal and urogenital health. Restore beneficial flora after sex and period.
  • NATURAL VEGAN INGREDIENTS: NO PARABENS, TITANIUM DIOXIDE OR TRICLOSAN. GLUTEN-FREE. PROFESSIONALLY RECOMMENDED. Feminine Probiotic Suppositories is developed by Bob Subhadra PhD Suppositories for feminine odor and vaginial odor treatment. Easy to insert, no need of suppository applicator