Combo Kit

Mega Vitality Pack


Digestive Recovery + Anti-Oxidant + Cell Booster Pack
  • Biom Probiotics 3-in-1 Precision Formula
  • Vitamin D3 K2 with CoQ10
  • Biom NMN Sublingual Powder
  • BOOST YOUR IMMUNE HEALTH. Biom Probiotics 3-in-1 Precision Formula diversifies gut flora for optimal microbiome function. The special human-derived patented Biomsify® probiotic increases the quantity of beneficial healthy gut flora.

    POWERFUL SYNERGISTIC COMBINATION. A D3 and K2 combination supports bone health, while the CoQ10 enhances your cellular health and protects your cell from damage.

    METABOLISM AND CELL BOOSTER. NAD is a form of vitamin B used to power metabolism, construct new cellular components, mitochondrial regeneration, and resist free radicals and DNA damage.