VagiBiom- Biom Probiotics Vaginal Probiotic Suppository for Women, Fragrance Free, 5 Count


Maintain urogenital and vaginal health with the help of Biom Probiotics Vaginal Probiotics Suppositories. Suppositories include prebiotics and probiotics to provide relief from contagions and control odor. You will feel clean, and confident with the help of the pH-balanced suppositories, which use a patented microbiome-balancing formula to nourish healthy vaginal flora, maintain clear skin, and restore and maintain vaginal pH. Biom's anti-inflammatory components work quickly to alleviate symptoms like dryness, redness, itching, and burning so you can return to enjoying your day. Hyaluronic acid, present in these probiotic suppositories for women, is a natural lubricant that helps revitalize and moisturize vaginal and vulvar tissue, restoring healthy flora after intercourse and menstruation. Biom's advanced formula ensures they adhere well to tissues and have better probiotic qualities, like keeping pathogens away and maintaining vaginal health. The anti-inflammatory suppositories are vegan and free of parabens, triclosan, titanium oxide, and gluten for safe use.
     patented microbiome formula to nourish healthy vaginal flora, balance pH,
     reduce vaginal menopause dryness and maintain vaginal odor, helping you feel
     clean, fresh and confident! This Lactobacillus suppository uses probiotics,
     prebiotics, hyaluronic acid and lactic acid to prevent odor and help with
     vaginal infections.
  • RESTORE & BALANCE: Healthy microflora
     help maintain vaginal health, and protect against infections, skin irritations
     and vaginal discharge. Biom’s natural synergistic combination of feminine
     probiotics, prebiotics, and lactic acid restores the balance of microflora,
     helpful for urogenital and vaginal infections and to balance a microflora.
  • RAPID RELIEF: The anti-inflammatory
     ingredients in our suppositories provide rapid relief for dryness, redness,
     vaginal itching, burning and general discomfort. This item is perfect for
     menopause dryness, irritations, feminine odor and vaginal discharge.
     Hyaluronic acid in the product rejuvenates and moisturizes vaginal and vulvar
     tissue, acting as a natural lubricant.
  • ADVANCED FORMULA: Biom’s technology uses
     combination of probiotics, prebiotics, and lactic acid in a special
     fermentation for high tissue adherence and superior probiotic characteristics
     such as pathogen control and vaginal health. This long-lasting feminine
     moisturizer and probiotic lubricant will restore flora after sex and period.
     probiotic suppositories are developed by Bob Subhadra, PhD, and contain no
     parabens, titanium oxide, triclosan, and gluten. Every suppository can be
     inserted without the use of an applicator.