Natural Feminine Deodorant Suppositories

$11.95 USD

Biom uses patented probiotics with odor control agents to revive a refreshing smell for intimacy. Women often struggle with odor in the intimate area and the organic peach flavor agent negates the bad odor.

  • Odor-reduce complex with Peach oil
  • Rapid relief against odor
  • NO Parabens, NO Preservatives, All Natural
  • Benefits
    • BALANCES & RESTORE: Healthy microflora help maintain vaginal health, and protect against skin irritations and vaginal discharge. An imbalanced vaginal flora can lead to a conducive tissue environment for urogenital issues. Biom’s natural synergistic combination of Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid, and Odor balancing complex with Peach works with beneficial flora to have a sweet and reviving smell.
    • RAPID RELIEF: Rapid relief against odor.
    • NATURAL VEGAN INGREDIENTS: NO PARABENS, TITANIUM DIOXIDE, OR TRICLOSAN. GLUTEN-FREE. PROFESSIONALLY RECOMMENDED. Feminine Deodorant Suppositories are developed by Bob Subhadra Ph.D. Suppositories for feminine odor and vaginal odor treatment. Easy to insert, no need for a suppository applicator. MADE IN USA.

    Coconut fatty acids, Cocoa butter, Organic jojoba oil, Silica gel, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid oil, Lactic acid, VagiBiom odor-reducing complex (organic peach oil and organic oregano oil mix)

    How to Use

    Gently insert the suppository deep into your vagina. If subjected to warm temperatures greater than 75° F, refrigerate or run cold water over an unopened plastic shell for at least 3-4 minutes prior to use. Wear a pantiliner if there is minor leakage.

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